Mom’s chicken was her signature dish. Roast chicken is a simple dish to make, yet it’s not easy to get right. Cook it too long, and it’s dry, losing all its flavor, and if it’s not cooked properly, it’s salmonella on a plate. After my Mom had passed, when friends and family would call to check in on me, one of the first things they’d remembered about her was her Greek Chicken. As a working mother, with loads of Mom guilt she’d carry with her Monday through Friday, every Sunday, she’d roast a chicken for us. It was an all-day…

Peanut butter is the answer.

It’s month thirteen of the pandemic. My house is trying to kill me. It’s working to expel us from the premises.

Because I’m indoors all the time, I’m now allergic to it. My eyes are bloodshot, itchy, and water — all the time. My nose is a faucet. Flonase is a necessary part of my morning ritual.

There’s also a phantom smell emanating from our laundry area. I figure it’s probably the 30-pound bag of dog food our puppy, Bo, is chewing tiny holes in, so she can self-feed straight from the source. She’s whip-smart that one.

Once the smell…

My love for chicken pot pie runs deep.
My love for chicken pot pie runs deep.
My love for chicken pot pie runs deep.

A chicken head in a Happy Meal, a finger in Wendy’s Chili, a tooth in a Milky Way; we all love a good disgusting urban legend about the gross stuff people find in their food.

I’m on a getaway in Wisconsin with my husband Eric, and we discover a nearby gem. This delicious grocer with every kind of pie you can think of apple, rhubarb, turkey, and my all-time favorite chicken pot pie.

The moment we get home, I toss it in the oven, ready to share a slice of our trip with our daughter. My love for chicken pot…

When COVID-19 hit, I decided to make Sunday dinners memorable by roasting Greek chicken and potatoes the way my mom, Mary, had during my childhood. First, she’d bathe it in gallons of Greek olive oil, fresh lemon juice, garlic, oregano, and of course, salt and pepper. To this day, my childhood friends still talk fondly about “Mom’s Greek Chicken.” Every time I make it, I think of her and those Sundays. After living for years in the throes of dementia, she’s passed, and now, she’s lost to me. For me, roasting a chicken — filling my home with the scents…

A 62-year-old ball python gave birth to seven eggs. NYT Ancient Python Lays Eggs, Apparently Without Male Help Photo Credit: Chawna Schuette/ St. Louis Zoo

My captors can’t figure out why I am gestating. They said it was preposterous. I am too old. My insides are rotting like an apple core left out in the sun. My womb is full of mutating gummy polyps, and yellow and green pus-filled cysts. The lining, now thickened, with scar tissue from my unborn. My uterus is an inhospitable host.

No males will lay with me in my true form. I must twist and turn, concealing my shriveled scaly skin, pulling the beauty out from deep inside me. I can steal his seed. I can hide his seed. …

It’s so easy to “Google” words. Word has grammar and spell-check. There’s Grammarly to copy edit documents.

The question is, as a writer, do you need a hard-covered old-fashioned dictionary?

The answer is …

Yes, you do.

Here’s my brand new copy of Merriam-Webster’s Colligate Eleventh Edition dictionary with my name on the cover, just in case someone thinks they can nab it off the place of honor on my desk.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, here’s the listing for the definition of the word “heart” with an illustration of six sections of the heart.

Since lock-down anytime you log into social media, the question everyone is asking — “What are you watching?” At this point, we’ve all binged everything on Netflix, Hulu, and (gasp) basic cable has to offer.

Or have we???

Here in Chicago, it’s 15 below, and there’s nowhere to go, so I’m busy watching and making recommendations. Yes, of course, I’ve watched “The Queen’s Gambit,” “The Crown,” and “Bridgerton.” And, yes, five stars all around. Today, I’m going to do a deep dive into my COVID-19 must-see list.


“Game Face” — HULU — Comedian Roisin Conaty created and stars in this…

Writer’s Block can last months or years. For me, it lasted over two years.

Writer’s block is so sneaky. One day out of the blue, it can hit you on the head like a ton of bricks. That’s how it happened for me. Proper prolonged writer’s block was something I had never experienced before. The minute my fingers touched the keyboard, the words would pour out of me like water out of a garden hose. Until the day, all the words dried up.

I tried in vain to wring them out of me. Finally, I set my pen down. My characters were all left hanging in the wind, with no tidy resolutions to complete…

Amelia Dellos

I’m Amelia. As a storytelling siren, media maven, and writer whisperer (a.k.a writing coach), I believe a well-crafted story can change the world.

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